Just don't go drag racing!

Karen Mizoguchi

Justin Bieber found himself in trouble with the law after he was caught drag racing in a yellow Lamborghini in January.

So on Tuesday, the 20-year-old sensibly sat in the passenger seat while David Hasselhoff drove the iconic Pontiac Firebird Trans Am from his 1982 TV series Knight Rider.

The two cruised around Venice, California in the car - better known as Kitt to fans - as they filmed together for an upcoming video project.

The Baby singer wore a black T-shirt as David was seen channeling his former character Michael Knight wearing a leather jacket and aviator sunglasses.

The pair smiled and laughed as they worked.

Baywatch star Hasselhoff recently told People of Bieber: 'We had a lot of fun, and he's a cool guy.

‘You'll hear more about it, but we're just keeping it quiet because it's really a cool video, and we had a blast.'

David looked slick in a black leather jacket, his trademark tan and dark hair hardly changed from his days as Michael Knight in the hit 80s show.

Justin, who was born in 1994, wasn't even alive when the show first aired in 1982, but has no doubt caught repeats of the popular hit.

The youngster could be seen smiling broadly, obviously enjoying his chauffeur driven ride in the iconic car.

The pair was also spotted shooting the breeze and embracing, although it's not clear whether this was between takes or all part of the script.

In exchange for his DUI charge being dropped, Justin pleaded guilty in August to misdemeanor charges of careless driving and resisting arrest seven months after getting caught in Miami.

The Never Say Never hitmaker was arrested early January 23 in Miami Beach after what police described as an illegal street race between his rented yellow Lamborghini and a Ferrari driven by Khalil Sharieff.

Later on Tuesday, David filmed scenes near the beach for his upcoming comedy, Killing Hasselhoff, where donned the trademark red swim trunks from his Baywatch glory days.

Along with co-stars Jon Lovitz and Ken Jeong, the former Britain's Got Talent judge was seen on set showing off his fake tattoos that were airbrushed on his physique.

David slipped back into his old Baywatch costume wearing a red lifeguard jacket with a pair of red shorts that looked similar to the same outfit he wore during the 1991 TV series.

Once he took off the jacket, the star revealed surprising new ink on his triceps and back.

He had 'Hoff' tattooed on both arms and 'Don't Hassel The Hoff' temporarily written on his entire back with a portrait of his younger self in black ink.

The film is about a man who hires a hit man to kill Hasselhoff in a bid to win a bet.

The Hoff will naturally play himself while funnyman Jon Lovitz will portray David's agent.

Community actor Ken Jeong will play the lead role of a struggling night club owner with a massive debt to a loan shark who decides to partake in the club's celebrity death pool.

Hasselhoff, who is also an executive producer for the movie, reunited with former Baywatch producers Michele Berk and Michael Berk to bring the comedy to the big screen.

At the MTV Movie Awards in April, David told Access Hollywood, 'it's kind of like The Hangover but a death pool. And we're going to get all the cameos in there, we're making this crazy movie it's going to be Car Wash times five and we're not taking anything seriously, you'll love it!'

And also at the latest Cannes Film Festival, the actor promoted the upcoming movie in France where he told AOL, 'it's about a death pool. About ten guys who pick out like Lindsay Lohan, David Hasselhoff, Charlie Sheen, all the people you see in the papers occasionally and they all say we are going to bet on this person to die first.'

'One of the guys gets down on his luck, he loses his club, he loses his money, he loses his mind, he loses his girlfriend, he says the only way to bail himself out is to cash in and kill the Hoff,' he said.

'It's just a mad cap comedy that we're now calling upon all the people to do cameos for to help me, so we'll see.'

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