Ashok Amritraj’s

Next stop India and China movie market


Ashok Amritraj’s next stop India and China movie market

After producing films in Hollywood for three decades, Ashok Amritraj now wants to focus on the movie business in India and China, which he believes is growing by leaps and bounds.

The producer says while the markets in North America are slowing, there has been a great increase in the movie watching crowd in Asian countries.

“Indian market is growing but it will always be dominated by Indian cinema. Hollywood films are growing too, which is a good trend. As my company Hyde Park Entertainment expands globally I want to turn my attention to India and china,” Amritraj told PTI in an interview.

The producer, however, is very clear about the kind of movies he wants to put his money into.

“If I came back here. I don’t want to do something classic Bollywood or Tamil. I want to do something different with innovative young filmmakers,” he said.

Amritraj, 55, left tennis to become a Hollywood producer and in his own words “got knocked down pretty often” in the process before finding success with “Double Impact”.

He is looking forward to the release of his latest production– Nicolas Cage, Johnny Blaze and Idris Elba starrer 3D film “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”, this Friday.

The film is being distributed by Warner Bros in India with 400 to 500 prints out of the 6000 prints for the global market. Amritraj hopes that the film hits the number one spot in the first week of its release.

The producer says “Ghost Rider” comes with its own brand of entertainment. “It was great fun partnering with Sony and Marvel on this. Nick (Cage) is back as ghost rider but the visual effects are far better this time. 3D was perfect to capture the depth of action.”