Every Secret Thing


When a young girl in a small town goes missing, the crime resembles a similar disappearance from seven years prior that ended in tragedy.  Police officer Nancy Gates, still haunted by the outcome of that case, believes the answers to this present-day kidnapping lie with the previous crime’s perpetrators:  two now-teenaged girls named Alice and Ronnie.  Nancy’s investigation leads her again and again to Alice—a troubled young woman guarded fiercely by her protective, eccentric mother—and it soon becomes clear that Alice’s many dark secrets may hold the key to saving a little girl’s life.

Genre: Drama

Director: Amy Berg

Writer: Nicole Holofcener, Laura Lippman

Cast: Diane Lane
Elizabeth Banks
Dakota Fanning
Danielle Macdonald

Running Time: 93 min

Release Date: 2014-04-20

Premiere: Tribeca 2014 Premiere