Toby Burns is a millennial, coldly floating through life and disconnected from his family. After his father’s invitation to give his vintage Camaro a tune-up falls on deaf ears, Toby’s dad is tragically killed in a carjacking, leaving Toby stricken with guilt.
Toby is begrudgingly enrolled in the “Lost and Found” program, in which he will spend three days and three nights on a remote jungle island – a chance to explore, build and reflect…
On his disastrous and frightening first night, Toby soon finds that this “uninhabited” island is not so lonely when he meets a mysterious girl named Madeleine. Although Madeleine quickly proves herself pivotal to Toby’s survival, her intentions and origins are largely unknown. It soon becomes clear that neither Toby nor Madeleine are safe here and time is running out. Someone or SOMETHING lurks in the jungle, and Toby must find a way off this island before becoming its PREY…

Genre: Thriller

Director: Franck Khalfoun

Writer: David Coggeshall

Cast: Logan Miller
Kristine Froseth

Running Time: 85 minutes

Release Date: 2019