Jacob Martin’s (Chace Crawford) estranged father dies, leaving him an inheritance he can only claim if he obtains his aunt’s missing death certificated located deep within the records room of an abandoned insane asylum, nicknamed “Eloise”. Eloise was notorious for the horrendous treatments that were practiced on its patients, and has its own damaged psyche and soul, which closely guards its secrets. Jacob, accompanied by an attractive new acquaintance (Eliza Dushku), her brother—an expert on Eloise, and a childhood friend who’s fresh out of prison, get trapped in the depths of the institution, where they confront the boundaries of time and space as they fight to escape not just the confines of the asylum, but of their own minds.

Genre: Thriller

Director: Robert Legato

Writer: Christopher Borrelli

Cast: Chace Crawford
Eliza Dushku
Robert Patrick
Brandon T. Jackson

Release Date: 2016