Right Cinema: Blue Valentine is an Indie Film

Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams have announced that they will star in the new indie movie, Blue Valentine. The plot is about “a couple whose relationship is jeopardized when they find themselves in different places in their lives. As their relationship hits the rocks, they recall better days.” Pretty vague plot line, but the lead actors are enough to keep interest. Mike Vogel, John Doman and Maryann Plunkett have also been announced to finish out the cast.

Incentive Filmed Entertainment finances blue Valentine. Silverwood Films’ Lynette Howell and Hunting Lane Films’ Jamie Patricof and Alex Orlovsky are the producers – they also worked with Gosling on “Half Nelson.” Incentive formed one year ago to produce and finance films under $15 million. Hyde Park Intl. is selling international territories at the Cannes Film Festival.

If my gut is right, Blue Valentine will be the big indie film of 2010. Perhaps they will have an onscreen chemistry like Ryan and Rachel McAdams had in the notebook.

Addison Mehr